Metarix is a fully decentralized, secure and
community owned end-to-end gaming ecosystem.

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Testnet is Live

Metarix Artifacts

Metarix is a diverse constellation of highly engaging blockchain based virtual
realities, real-estates, metaverses and assets including but not limited to
Gaming plazas, NFT marketplaces, NFT creation tools and more.

Come on in and take the Red Pill! It is something you wouldn’t want to dodge:

Bitcoin Business City

Business is prime for all of us. Introducing, Bitcoin Business City in Metarix. A place where the world’s biggest companies will open their virtual headquarters...

Opensea Art and Museum Center

Are you an a esthete? Do you love art and artists? Opensea art and museum center has a range of art NFTs that you can buy and put on your walls over digital screens...

Shiba Shopping District

A shopping venue to cater to everyone’s needs. Shiba shopping district includes Shopping malls, watch stores, apparel boutiques, and many other stores all in a digital...

Sol Fashion District

For all the fashionistas out there, virtual fashion is here now. Take part in virtual fashion shows, see the latest collections from Milan and buy digital cloths directly from your home at Sol...

Hex Game Plaza

Playing slot machines is one of the most famous games played in casinos around the world. Try your luck with these virtually real slot machines of Metarix at the Hex Game Plaza...

Ripple Party City

Party 24*7 into the virtual world of Ripple Party City. The place hosts top DJ artists from around the world. With Metarix, club-hopping is as e asy as a click of a button...

Cosmos Casino

You don’t need to visit Vegas now. Metarix brings the best of Vegas, Macau, and Marina Bay into one single virtual world. Play your favourite games like poker,..

Gala Game Zone

We all love games. With time, games have changed a lot and today, everyone is stuck to their screen playing action, arcade, or racing games. So, for all the gamers out..

Doge Park

A park dedicated to dogs worldwide including the famous Shiba Inu from Japan. Doge Park is a place where people can buy and sell 3D NFTs of dierent dogs and also socialize with...


Looking for premium property in the Metarix world? Look no further. Metarix has Ethereum, Binance, and Ada Ape Islands within the platform. ....


Looking for premium property in the Metarix world? Look no further. Metarix has Ethereum, Binance, and Ada Ape Islands within the platform.....


Looking for premium property in the Metarix world? Look no further. Metarix has Ethereum, Binance, and Ada Ape Islands within the platform.....

What is Metarix?

Don’t take Metarix for just another Playware or Gaming platform. It is much more!
We offer gamers, developers and blockchain enthusiasts all the necessary tools
to create, deploy, publish, play, earn and own their stuff in our ecosystem :-

Our Products

Metarix Launchpad

The Metarix Launchpad is a blockchain based incubator that empowers new age creators by helping them raise funds from the Blockchain community through a DAO-driven decentralized seed fund. By offering a credible community-driven governance framework, the Metarix Launchpad also helps investors/backers make a careful selection of games they can reliably invest in.

Metarix Blockchain

Metarix will be a layer 2 solution built on top of the Metarix blockchain. We believe layer 2 is the future of blockchain technology and can help accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Metarix NFT Marketplace

Metarix NFT Marketplace, just like Rarible and Opensea, is an ethereum blockchain based e-commerce platform that allows creators to sell ownership rights of their gaming based cryto assets in the form of NFTs.

Game Maker SDK

Whether you are a game developer/designer, digital artist, metaverse
architect or NFT asset creator, leverage our Game Maker SDK to build
and integrate immersive metaverses, games and enticing NFT assets
into your own studio or tooling environment using our Game Maker SDK,
now available in multiple programming languages including Python,
Solidity and Javascript.

Metarix Metaverse

There are Metaverses and then there is the Metarix Metaverse.
From binge parties to sprawling plazas to immersive gaming experience to enthralling social interactions, there is nothing that compares to how we do it.

And yet, no one can be told what the Metarix is. You have to see it for yourself. So why wait?

Metarix App Store

Metarix hosts one of the best managed App Stores for blockchain based apps built using our Game Maker SDK. Its easy-to-use user interface allows you to build, publish and then market your custom app to our community based fan following. Best performing apps automatically get push-notified to top backers from the community so your hard work gets the exposure and financial backing it deserves.

Ethereum, Binance, and Ada Ape Islands

Looking for premium property in the Metarix world? Look no further. Metarix has Ethereum, Binance, and Ada Ape Islands within the platform.

Metarix Smart Watch App

Explore the 3D Smart Watch app from Metarix which allows you to experience the whole gamut of our services while on the move. Whether you are walking by the sea shore or enjoying a pool side party, our Smartwatch App enables you to stay on top of your investment portfolio as a backer or your NFT income as a creater.

Metarix Virtual Map

Our virtual map makes it super easy to pick, buy and then convert your property investments into commercial hubs using our inbuilt metaverse creation tools. Build shopping complexes, gaming plazas or whatever you desire to your heart’s content on our Ethereum, Binance and Ada Ape virtual islands.


Total Supply

1.2 Billion





Smart Contract



Binance Smart Chain

10% Staking Rewards


2.5% TGE 2.5% unlocked monthly

10% Development


2.5% TGE 2.5% unlocked monthly

4% Advisors


0% TGE and 2.5% unlocked monthly

17.5% Launchpads & Presale


20% TGE and 5% unlocked weekly

10% Company Reserves


0% TGE 2% unlocked monthly

7.5% Marketing


2.5% TGE 2.5% unlocked monthly

20% Exchange Listing & Liquidity


2% TGE 2% unlocked monthly

15% Team


0% TGE 2.5% unlocked monthly

5% Reward Campaigns


2% TGE and 2% unlocked monthly

1% Tenset Partnership


Tenset Vesting Schedule

*Unsold presale tokens to be burned*

Metarix Roadmap

Website Development

Smart Contract Audit

Strategic Initial Partnerships


Game VFX Design



Metarix Blockchain

Design and Development

Private Exchange Token Sale

Team Building

Dex and MarketPlace

Metarix Blockchain, Dex and MarketPlace Design and Development

Layer 2 Metarix Blockchain Design and Development

2nd round of presale and launchpad offerings

IEO/Listing on CEX

Launch Metarix Token

Metarix Launchpad Launch

Metarix NFT Marketplace Development

BSC,CoinMarketCap and Coingecko Listing

Centralized Exchange Listing

Smart Contracts Audit

Metarix Wallet Development

Metarix Virtual Map Development

Enter PancakeSwap Listing

Metarix Wallet Deployment

Metarix Metaverse Game Design and Wire frames completion

Metarix Game Trailer Release

Metarix Public Testnet Deployment

New CEX Partnerships

Metarix Launchpad Presales

Metarix Metaverse Development

Metarix Dex Development

Metarix Public Mainnet Deployment

Metarix NFT Marketplace Launch

Virtual Map Deployment

Metarix Genesis NFT Collection Launch

Metarix Virtual Land Presales

Metarix Dex Deployment

Metarix Metaverse Alpha release Development and testing

Metarix Wallet Version 2.0 Feature Updates

Metarix Metaverse Alpha Release

Metarix DAO

Metarix App Store Launch

No code smartcontract solutions for Digital Marketing

Metarix Asset Store for Game Developers

Tools for Content Creators, Digital Artists

Digital Marketing Platform Launch

Metaverse Digital Marketing Platform Integration

Meet Our Team

Justin Schopp

Chief Executive Officer

Nakia Geller

Chief Financial Officer

Pandu Ranga Reddy Aluvala

Chief Technology Officer

Caleb Geller

Chief Marketing Officer

Neeraj Kumar

Sr. Project Manager

Deepak Penaganti

Senior Unity Developer

Yashwanth Kasturi

Business Development Manager


VFX Artist/Designer

Madur Thappar

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Ravi Kant Dhiman

UI/UX & Frontend Developer

Kuldeep Singh

Blockchain Specialist

Anil Kumar

Frontend Developer

Nidhi Bhatia

Quality Analyst

Saurabh Gupta

Chief Marketing Analyst

Giselle Cahill

Chief Marketing Officer

Arshi Usmani

Marketing Manager

Surbhi Gupta

Social Media Specialist

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